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Anthony Carter

I work in a facility assisting 380 men in a low barrier shelter and 48 men in the Transitional Rehabilitation Program. I began to see that I have been charged with their care both natural and spiritual. Being a babe in Christ, I sought a teacher in the Word and in walks Pastor Donald preparing to teach his weekly Bible Study to the men here on Monday nights. His conviction was so genuine that I decided to become a partner of the ministry and assist with the vision of Living Word Christian Ministries, International. I am completing my Bachelors in Social Work, as well as certification and licensure as a Certified Prevention Specialist. I am excited about the vision God has given this ministry to help men and women recover from the ravages of addiction, prison and homelessness. I feel truly blessed!

Myeeka Mullins

I went to Jubilee Jobs to find a job but not only did I find a job, I found this ministry! I feel so blessed to be a part of Living Word Christian Ministries International. They have helped me re-establish a relationship with my estranged father and be in touch with a whole new side of my family. Pastors Donald and Jacqueline have also become family to me. I am still on my job, after 3 years. I have a new car and my own apartment. I am also close to receiving my degree in Criminal Justice and looking forward to a great future.

Tommy Gordon

After years of alcohol and drug abuse, jail terms and estrangement from my family, God has changed my life! I had become isolated, trapped in my disease and sinking in despair, I ran into old friends that I used to get high with and they told me where to find Pastor Donald. When I found him, he told me how Jesus had changed his life. I saw the light of Christ shining in him, he sure seemed changed! He helped me get into drug treatment and get a job through Jubilee Jobs. Now I have my own place, a new car and I'm now a supervisor at work. This has been an awesome community of support for me. God is good!

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